Kheer – page 185

So there was some conversation online about making kheer for this evening, given it’s “Big Night”. I don’t usually go with that tradition and wasn’t raised to have kheer on “Groot Aand”, but thought – hmmm in any event, kheer for the evening should be pretty kewl.

My mummy is the kheer master-maker! Her kheer is always the yummiest! I can recall my mum making a huge pot of kheer for various occasions; some were really sad occasions; others not so sad.

In any event, all the while I prepared this mini pot of kheer, I missed my mummy a lot. Remaining dead certain all the while I followed the instructions that, “but my mummy’s kheer will trump this one any day!” …

I halved this recipe as our household is just Better Half and I. Thankfully so, as the quantity this yielded will see us through a few nights’ of indulgence. Nothing much to note with regards to the preparation of this recipe, except to be sure to follow the ‘low heat’ instructions carefully. I had allowed much too much of the milk to evaporate which resulted in a kheer-pudding-like outcome, and not what I was going for: kheer-drink-like outcome. So more like ‘boeber’ than ‘badaam milk’ …

Adjustments that I could make to get it to ‘mummy’s style’ is to dilute the kheer with some added milk to make it more liquid and drinkable. Mum felt the measure of almonds is a bit much for the quantity of the liquid, just by our chat on the telephone. I agree after having tasted it – would’ve added 1/3 less of the specified amount. Also, I’d go a lot more easier with the condensed milk, rather than half the can. It turned out incredibly sweet. A pure indulgence!

Verdict: Taking into account the adjustments in the immediate paragraph above, this kheer will then be just like ones that gets served up on ‘big nights’, ‘mayyit evenings’. Not forgetting those occasions when households prepare this divine milk drink to go with pateria&puri on a cold, wintery evening. The smell from the milky pot makes it taste good already! PS: Don’t be shy for the coconut milk – this was not an overpowering taste at all! This recipe definitely should be renamed: Kheer Deluxe!

Kheer for two :)

Pudding-like kheer

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3 Responses to Kheer – page 185

  1. Nanima says:

    I know that Talbina is suppose to be given to the grieving family according to hadith. wonder if kheer is a similar recipe – more info about talbina

    Talbina recipe

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