Masala Chops Chutney – page *non-existent*

Shock-horror! This recipe does not exist on any page?

Well….this is the surprise I was referring to in my previous post!

So, it’s a year later since I decided at whim to cook my way through the purple Indian Delights’ recipe book. What a year it’s been, alhamdulillah – having been inspired, gained confidence and satisfied many (and not forgetting, having discovered clear misses too!)

A year ago, I knew that it was necessary for me to learn as much as possible with my mum, in person whilst she’s busy in the kitchen: the most priceless learning in gaining an art of cooking well. Given I am some 600km away from my mum, moments were rare to rely entirely on such learning, so in between mum&daughter kitchen moments, I knew that I would have to open the mother-of-all-recipe-books and make attempts on my own.

……which swayed me in the direction of the purple Indian Delights, thanks to encouragement from friends who referred to this book enough times to tingle my curiosity & purchase a copy.

Since, in this past year, I’ve learnt a lot – from my mummy, from recipe books (including and other than The Book), from friends: real ones and also others who are purely virtual foodie-fans, and definitely from my family! Needless to say, my soulofthehome stirred a lot more frequently than the posts that I have been sharing with you that’s been directly related to The Book.

Given the pace of my posts having slowed down, but my inspiration really continuing in an unstoppable fashion from a lot of other avenues other than just The Book, I thought why not share from my other sources of inspiration & guidance too. After all, the concept and intention has been, ‘Passionately learning from culinary experts…’ Let me be the judge of who I consider experts ;)

In the future, God-willing – you will get the scoop of what I have termed until now, ‘soulofthehome behind-the-scenes’. I have a photo folder of all my ‘behind the scenes’ culinary creations that I keep aside to share with my parents when I spend time with them, that now….you all will be privy to! These are termed as such, as they are creations from everywhere else but The Book…!

To kickstart this new dimension of this blogpost – I thought to share a recipe that has been inspired by a virtual friend, who stirs my soul (no pun intended!) with her casual flair to mix & meddle with spices deviant from a rigid recipe (just like my mum!) and is able to do old school & new with the right balance in whipping up appetising meals for her and her family! We got talking online on a cooking forum, where we stumbled on my kheer-making attempt & I used words like: foodie passionista to describe gals like us… and there we have it….Naadia kindly asked if she could take that very apt description forward in her sharing, and since then, she’s inspired me and continues to do so, with this meal too!

Masala Chops Chutney (inspired by Naadia Vazeer: foodie passionista)

Marinate chops in: salt, coarse red chillies (sprinkling), arad, red masala, lemon juice, oil (very little), taj, elachi, peppercorns, steak&chops spice, lavang, whole jeero, crushed dhana. Toss&allow to marinate for the full day/overnight.

Add to shallow pot & gently simmer with water as required until cooked to tenderness.

Add to pot: grated fresh tomato + tomato puree + tomato paste + sprinkling dhana jeero + sugar. Allow to simmer, reduce & enable masalas to coat the chops.

Slice onion & layer on top of masala-coated chops. Very sparingly, dash Worcester sauce onto onions directly. Simmer until onions soften & integrate into the meal.

Add halved boiled eggs when meal is complete & chutney is reduced to one’s liking. Garnish with dhania & serve with (mummy’s..!) brown roti & beetroot/achaar!

Verdict: A versatile chutney that can be used for a variety of other animal protein bases. Boiled eggs give the meal substance, especially if the protein is a light, lean chop being used (as I’ve done here). My mummy suggested serving this with rice too – so consider this alternate if attempting this recipe. I realised the success of this dish was all about patience and TLC (thanks, Naadia for emphasising the slow heat, no-rush detail in your method!)

Thickish masala chutney, with boiled eggs accompanying the chops instead of potatoes & good ol' brown roti to mop it all up! Yum!

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4 Responses to Masala Chops Chutney – page *non-existent*

  1. mash says:


    Can you do a top 10 of your favourite recipes? Or something in that mould. We have the book too but only used it a handful of times.

    • Ws Mash,
      Top 10 of my recipes within The Book? Or a general top 10? That’ll be interesting… it may clash with top 10 of-what-i-am-capable-of-cooking vs top 10 of dishes I love & want to perfect-but-not-yet-quite-there ! The list comparison will be stark! :P

      • mash says:

        Top 10 from the book, you’re using the purple one right? We have that one. Just saw the Kentucky Chicken recipe. Gonna try that this week.

      • The recipes that I’ve attempted are a mere fraction of the entire book’s worth… (just around 100 of the 600 listed recipes!) so perhaps best to say, the list of top 10 will mean something only once I’ve clocked a lot more recipes… any ones that you suggest I try sooner than later in the project?

        How’d the Kentucky Chicken turn out? Hope good!

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