Steak Giant Pie

This meal was a combination of two recipe sources: Faiza Hadjee’s Tea Time Delicacies (my copy is now in tatters and dates back to my mum purchasing this about 12 years ago! I’ve used this book many, many times & find her recipes to yield really *tasty* outcomes), and the other, the trusted purple Indian Delights.

Better Half always enjoys hearing that I’m preparing ‘giant pie’ for dinner…it’s amongst his favourites. I, however have promised to make it, and then promised again…and then the third time I got down to it and made it for one of the dinners recently. Well, all I can say is that it was well worth the rain cheques, in the end! Alhamdulillah.

For the dough, I used the recipe in Faiza Hadjee’s book (hopefully you will be able to source this book at a local spice shop or Muslim butchery, it’s an A5 softcover recipe book), refer to page 44 for the recipe of the dough under: Mayonnaise Pie. I love this dough recipe simply because it’s seasoned so smartly! The usual salt, pepper – then add in mustard powder, arad, green chillies. It’s a tasty dough to kick-start the flavour of a hearty pie!

As for the steak filling/topping, I resorted to using one that’s proven to be successful in my earlier ‘giant pie’ attempts. I’ve made this recipe and have blogged it as, Steak & Tomato Pie. I seasoned and cooked the steak as spelled out in the recipe, except for having added the sliced onions a lot earlier into the pot to soften/cook, than suggested in the recipe.

I always prefer covering ‘giant pies’ with a lattice-work. As I’ve mentioned before, it allows for the extra indulgence (which Better Half never fails to take on ;) ) without the added guilt (& weight!). Less dough, more pie – please.

Ready, Set, Assemble!

I had some green pepper, which I sliced along with tomato slices and topped the steak with both these veggies, for colour and texture and the 5veggie-a-day catch-up. Brushed the pie with the usual beaten egg and very generously, sprinkled sesame seeds and baked!

Just to note, with the dough I managed to get 2 fair-sized chunks to allow me to prepare two pies. The ‘giant pie’ that is shown in photos below in a baking tray, and another standard-round-sized cake tin for a smaller version pie. I landed up making the round pie, as a rustic mutton pie. Pressed the dough out into the tin, kept it in the freezer until I wanted to use it for another dinner, prepared the filling (kept it low-key with basic seasoning, added a good amount of sliced onions to give the filling texture, and kept it moist to complement the rustic pie I intended to make).

Verdict: Hands-down winner! Stick to the dough recipe – it’s so tasty and if you’re aiming for a really ‘giant pie’, the dough will suffice, else you can manage 2 pie cases of medium size from the standard recipe (if you’re doing a lattice top!). As for the filling, the steak recipe is a sure win – the seasoning is simple but enhances the flavour of the meat well, and is not camouflaged by a concoction of sauces

Nom nom!

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