Naan – page 124

Oh My Lord! This recipe was such fun to take on…but the pleasure-on-repeat has been indulging in this since it’s come out of the oven! Sinful. Disgusting. I like!

The recipe, please note spells out 7 (s-e-v-e-n) cups of flour. So, unless you’re really confident that it’ll turn out successful (okay, granted you have my notes to assist you, let’s hope), but then unless you’re sharing it with neighbours and friends, you may as well open up a naan bakery after baking this entire batch! I halved the recipe, so a decent 3,5 cups of flour (and then too, we had 1,5 naans too many BUT I ain’t complaining… these were divine to indulge in…!)

The method offers explanations for both: instant dry yeast, as well as the compressed yeast. I only ever use instant dry yeast. It’s so much more convenient to use these days…

So, at the point of step 2 in the method: Add in the instant dry yeast too.

As for step 4, I had the dry ingredients’ mixture aside in a big bowl (as this was the final bowl that everything was going to get thrown into and mixed altogether), then aside was the beaten egg, oil, etc. mixture. I heated water&milk combined in the microwave until hot, so that when I added this hot milk/water mixture to the egg mixture (the recipe doesn’t say so, but I did so anyway), the entire mixture will then be luke-warm, which is then ideal for activating yeast. Never too hot, never too cold – either extreme will do nothing/kill the yeast and no rising will ever happen.

Anyway, set aside the well-kneaded dough in a warm, sealed-off warm area, let rise until double its size and then punch down and shape into 3 large buns (given the flour quantity, this batch yielded 3 naan breads). I didn’t roll these out, I loosely shaped these into 3 thick circles – then let these rise and sprinkled with egg yolk and khus khus and baked.

Dough shapened into naan bread and risen. Ready to be basted and baked.

Basted with egg yolk and khus-khus seeds

Verdict: DIVINE smell and taste and texture and….! It’s a crime to ever buy these again. Such fun making, such fun eating! A winner recipe. The saumnf aroma just-did-it-for-me!

Toasted naan with butter – scrumptious! Love this!

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