Invalid Chicken Soup – page 22

This is a cheat post. There’s no chicken in this recipe and there’s a few additions to the recipe. I will use this post as my opportunity to state that this recipe, in addition to the ‘Tripe/Ojri’ recipe and a few others, I will be tweaking or cheat-attempting these…stick around to get-what-I-mean. For the real deal, there’s proof that this stuff is called on, even by the doctors! Ayesha J shared her attempt of this very same recipe.

So with the bout of flu, I really craved some sick-mans-soup! I reckon all versions boil down to the same thing really… braise the spices, add in the protein and simmer and boil until you get your end-product. A lovely version has been shared by Tongue Tickle – definitely worth checking out. I agree with baptising this soup: Sunlight Liquid Soup. Definitely does not look pretty at all!

I used the same ingredients called for in the recipe, but with the addition of:  fresh garlic + whole dhana + turmeric. The method is the same as the recipe, with heating the spices in ghee and braising well. I instead of then adding in the chicken, added in bony mutton pieces. I had set aside a parcel from the Qurbani-meat cleaning that I had gotten through with a note attached: ‘mutton for haleem’. Well, its destiny lay in a pot of soup instead.

Braising the mutton pieces at the onset…a long, long way to go.

Follow through with the water, and let it evaporate over (some) time.

Verdict: Slurp only when sick, otherwise I’m certain it will be anguish to swallow (mild exaggeration but get-my-drift), as when sick, it’s really really comforting, hearty and heals in so many ways! Definitely hit the mark for me with my bout of flu. I really take to this recipe given the base is so powerful with all the healing spices. It yields a big batch which will see you through the flu spell, but does take some time to allow it to evaporate. Oh, and if you ever wondered when you’ll ever use that really big pot….this recipe calls for it!

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