Latkes – page 74

When I decided to make this, as a side to serve with Tal Tukra, I knew that this was a potato meal that had its place in the Jewish cuisine. My mum, when I chatted with her about what’s for supper? immediately recognised the same. My mum is too cool! The most unassuming walking food-ictionary!

I’m not a fan of potatoes and Better Half works around them in a curry, so for health reasons (unnecessary starchy carbs) for me primarily, and given Better Half ignores them in a meal, I don’t ever usually store patats in my soulofthehome. There’s gems, marrows and even sweet potatoes to replace them.

The recipe calls for 4-6 potatoes. I went with 2 medium-sized ones and adjusted the rest of the ingredients accordingly to match this quantity.

I didn’t get it right at the first serving. What a disappointment. I now have this sense of knowing (without yet tasting) whether a new dish is going to be a win or a fail. I knew this dish was a fail before I even tasted it. It needed to be ‘cooked through’ a lot more and then too browned. Serve it up as a pancake, not a casserole chunk. So we disregarded the ‘casserole chunk’ and the next day I remedied the dish.

The recipe specifies spreading the mixture across two pans, so I realised that I needed to spread the mixture out a lot more shallow than I had it initially. Drizzled olive oil and baked and then browned it under the grill under it was crisp and golden.

Verdict: I am averse to attempting this again anytime soon. The first serving has scarred me from believing this recipe deserves an encore. Also, I used chives instead of spring onions – not a bad idea, in fact very complementary, but I reckon I used way too much chives so it overpowered the flavour of the dish. I do like that this recipe though lands itself on the healthy side of preparing latkes (rather than frying ’em)!

This is what it looked like as a failed ‘casserole chunk’:

This is what it’s meant to resemble really…a lot more shallow setting and more crispened and golden:

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