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Very Easy Zarda (Jardo) – page 188

Well, here I am… after a longer than planned breakaway from soulofthehome… Meanwhile, the physical soulofthehome has not stopped any activity, well…..maybe for a month I didn’t do much at all! But since, been back in it, across mine and … Continue reading

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Coffee Pecan Brownies – Angela Day

As I’ve mentioned a few posts earlier on, I am a huge fan of Angela Day. Always have been, and still remain. Better Half’s birthday passed us by a few days ago, and I thought to treat him to an … Continue reading

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Choc Custard Dessert

“Better Half will love this….” is what I thought when I stumbled on this recipe online on a popular Facebook page: Cooking up a Storm. Sounded pretty straight-forward & the ingredients are what one would usually have at hand, so … Continue reading

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Kheer – page 185

So there was some conversation online about making kheer for this evening, given it’s “Big Night”. I don’t usually go with that tradition and wasn’t raised to have kheer on “Groot Aand”, but thought – hmmm in any event, kheer … Continue reading

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Falooda – page 190

So we had good friends over for the evening – went out for dinner and came over to our place for tea and a chill-out. They are ‘first-timer’ parents of a gorgeous just-over-one-year-old dude! I didn’t want “Hurricane Hamdaan” (as … Continue reading

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