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Latkes – page 74

When I decided to make this, as a side to serve with Tal Tukra, I knew that this was a potato meal that had its place in the Jewish cuisine. My mum, when I chatted with her about what’s for … Continue reading

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Chicken in Mayonnaise – page 44

A straight-forward recipe: marinate chicken in everyday spices and cook until done. The method suggests adding in brinjals, fried potatoes and serving it alongside boiled eggs and other greens. I didn’t go with these suggestions. In essence, I wanted a … Continue reading

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Green Macaroni – pg 38

This was made to go with Amina Begum’s chicken meal that I served up for dinner. In the chicken recipe, it was suggested to serve with noodles or macaroni among a few other carb suggestions. Green Macaroni it was, as … Continue reading

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Wholewheat Puri

This recipe was shared by one of my inspirations. She filled my space many years ago with her culinary creativity, when she shared her handy recipe book with me, then on to sharing with a larger audience through her blog: … Continue reading

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Chicken in Garlic Sauce – page 28

Previously I skipped over this recipe simply because I read ‘1 chicken disjointed’ under the list of ingredients. I only ever bother cooking with chicken fillet. Better Half enjoys only the fillet, and well, it is after all the healthiest … Continue reading

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