How things got stirring…

Salma Mayet: I have decided to “Julie&Julia” (v) the purple Indian Delights starting sometime this wk onward! Start to finish! Looking forward to it!
17 January at 14:34 via Selective Tweets


And so this project kicked off with my public announcement via Twitter and Facebook to begin cooking through this recipe book – attempting every recipe!

What led me to copying the Julie&Julia concept?

It was not preconceived. Not one bit. Yeh, I watched the movie (3 times in the space of a month!), and I loved Meryl Streep. She was the highlight of the movie – all t-h-r-e-e times. She enthused passion that I could relate to so well! Though I kept tussling between Julie and Julia – being able to relate really well to both characters.

After the flick, around that time while it was on circuit, friends joked about the idea of having the Indian Delights undergo the same project. It was left at that… no one really was being serious to work through the entire book!

It sparked off when I decided to host close family for a meal, viz my parents (from out of town) along with my husband’s parents and siblings. My better-half (who shall be referred to as such from hereon) and I never entertain our families often and so when it comes together, it’s a big deal – for me at least :)

So, as is the case whenever we have guests over, I land up over-planning and over-thinking of how best to accomodate our guests and to ensure comfort and a great evening for all. This included, most importantly, selecting the menu. There’s very few dishes that I have perfected (given my short spell of being in the kitchen! Only actively bothering since married, which caps 3 yrs this year), and so I needed to find a new, reliable tasty dish for The Evening.

Which led me to: Treasury of South African Indian Delights.

A must-have in souls-of-homes

I scouted the book, looking for something meaty, tasty, familiar-tasting and reasonably easy to prepare, and most importantly, to be able to have ready: in advance. I’m a fan of working in advance, especially when hosting guests.

I attempted it. Better-half and my parents enjoyed it. Thoroughly. I was pleased and so went ahead and made the dish for The Evening.

Given that exploration led to having a brand new dish being included in my repertoire of meals, I thought, “the only way you’re ever going to perfect meals is if you bother trying them out!” And so, this catalysed the project in a very certain way and here I am…


2 Responses to How things got stirring…

  1. wahida says:

    Salaam where can i buy one of your fabulous books in London.

    • Wslm Wahida,
      Thanks for popping by.
      I am using published recipe books compiled by other authors as my basis for experimentation in the kitchen. I’ve not compiled my own recipe book.
      The primary focus is on the ‘purple Indian Delights’ written by Z Mayat. If you click on the link on my blog, ‘let’s stir together’, you will be able to purchase this book online.
      Hope you will get stirring with me too once you get your hands on this book :)

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