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Very Easy Zarda (Jardo) – page 188

Well, here I am… after a longer than planned breakaway from soulofthehome… Meanwhile, the physical soulofthehome has not stopped any activity, well…..maybe for a month I didn’t do much at all! But since, been back in it, across mine and … Continue reading

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Latkes – page 74

When I decided to make this, as a side to serve with Tal Tukra, I knew that this was a potato meal that had its place in the Jewish cuisine. My mum, when I chatted with her about what’s for … Continue reading

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Chicken with Onions – page 114

This recipe is under the big, bold heading: Weight Watcher Recipes. No surprise here that there’s a dedicated section, in light of the purpose of why this special edition was released: healthier, more time-efficient meals for the modern-day housewife. Voila! … Continue reading

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Chicken Casserole – page 100

This is just the same as the other pasta meals I’ve made: Chicken and Spaghetti CasseroleĀ or Chicken with Pasta, with the mere difference of the pasta that’s been used. Here, fettucine was specified. Tangly twirls of fun! I prepared this … Continue reading

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